Resize the Search box on Taskbar in windows 10

How to Resize the Search Box on Taskbar in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, the search box [Type here to search] by default is very large, so the Cortana icon, the task view button, and the big [Type here to search] search box remain very close to each other. Due to this, when I open any new app, it doesn’t find out in the taskbar at the first look. It goes in the inner part of the taskbar which is really time-consuming to find it out again and open further.

To reduce the size of the search box within a few minutes, watch this Youtube video.

If the video solution is not enough then read the below steps.

Steps of customizing the Search box on Taskbar in Windows 10:

Step 1:

Hover the pointer on the Search Box itself or any blank space of the taskbar, then do right-click.

Step 2:

Next click on the Search>Show search icon. After doing check mark the Show search icon, You will see the search box changed to a mini icon like a magnifying glass. Now you can use this search icon for searching anything on your computer.

Reduce the size of the search box on taskbar

Step 3: Hide the search box or search icon

If you want to hide the Search Box or Search Icon just right-click on the taskbar or search icon itself further, then click on the Search>Hidden.

Hidden the search box

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