spy gadget
Photo by Héctor Martínez on Unsplash

How to Make a Spy Gadget with Household Items

Children are very creative and with movies such as Spy Kids and cartoons like Totally spies, they would also want to learn how to make spy gadgets using household items. They can be used for entertainment as well as innovative outlet.

By use of the available materials in the household and with the assistance of the parent, kids can come up with amazing homemade spy equipment. Spies do not require expensive devices to do their business. Real youngster spies create their spy gear for free from their imagination. This is where they learn how to make a spy gadget. Kids should be creative and make their gadgets without having to buy any expensive item but rather using the available materials at home.

The book safe

It is a built kit for kids that will help hide important and secret things that no one can think about. All you need to make this is an old book that you no longer read and a blade. This process should be supervised as the blade can be dangerous. Use a large book that is thick and will allow you to store more items.


Take the book, open it in half and cut out pages from inside by leaving the first few pages and the last pages. This ensures that even if someone else takes the book, you will not need to worry.

Having finished cutting, you are left with your safe in just a few minutes. You can store jewelry or even store cookies from the jar in the safe before they are finished.

The disappearing ink

All you need is lemon juice, paper, some heat source, and an ink pen.


First, fill the lemon juice in your ink pen

Start writing your secret letters or personal notes and then wait for them to dry.

Your invisible ink is ready and all you need to read is to heat the paper gently. As the lemon juice heats up.it starts turning brown and the words start showing up.

Spy camera in a hat

You will require a micro digital camera, a cap, and tape. The micro-cameras vary in size and therefore you need to have the tiniest and most potable.


Grab the cap and make a hole on the front side. It should neither be tiny or too big. This is to ensure the camera does not fail to fit in the hole.

Fit the camera nicely and place the battery and the camera wiring with tape to the cap. This will ensure it is safe even when you remove the cap. You can now proceed to capture information by getting the footage.

Spy mirror glasses

You need to have a plastic mirror sheet, pair of sunglasses, a glue gun, and a pair of scissors.


Cut two pieces of plastic mirror sheet according to the size of the sunglasses.

Stick the sheets neatly leaving no stains on the sunglasses by making sure you leave the center of the glasses as it is for the front view to be clear.

Having done this you have your spy glasses and you can see what is happening behind you without turning back.