Wp admin dashboard user issue

WP-Admin Access User Issue (How to Fix it?)

Are you facing any issues with your domain.com/wp-admin access? If yes, then no worries. I can help you to fix this issue. Recently, I’ve faced such an issue and then fix it, but it has taken a long time. I hope if you read this blog post, then you can fix your issue in a few minutes.

What was my problem?

Firstly, let me explain what was my problem with wp-admin access. As an admin of my site, I could get access to the wp-admin dashboard access but other users like Authors and contributors couldn’t access it. In the screenshot, you can see that one of the contributors has logged in but has no access to wp-admin.

If you face such an issue then how can you fix it?

There are a few ways available to fix this issue.

1. Deactivate and re-activate all of your plugins.

Some of the plugins on your site could raise such an issue. So, first of all, deactivate all of your plugins, then re-activate them. Once after completed this process, try to log in to the site and then check if you can get access to your wp-admin dashboard now. If this method doesn’t work then try out the next method.

2. Make sure that you’ve given permission to your users for wp-admin access.

Make sure that you’re not limited to permission to your website’s users for wp-admin access. If you don’t provide them permission for wp-admin access then this problem could raise.

How to know if you’ve given the users’ permission or not?

Visit your plugins, then find the plugin that is installed on your site to control your users’ roles. I use Ultimate Member. Under the Ultimate Member plugin, you can the button “User Rules”. If you click on this, then you can see a dashboard for all of your users. Now check wp-admin access for all of your website users. If one of your expected users doesn’t have permission for wp-admin access, then you can change it and give him access from this dashboard.

Wp admin dashboard user issue
Wp admin permission

I hope this method will work, if not then try out the next method.

3. Support

If the previous two methods don’t work, then you can contact your hosting service provider. I hope they will support you and fix your issues without any delay.

If you have any questions further, then contact me. I will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you